| Hullo | 

My created name is Hania Alexander and I am so excited to be here. 

I am a constantly moving sol | ful goddess. Meaning, I don't stay in a place for too long. But for now, you can find me traveling air space between the hustle 'n bustle of Boston and the beautifully cacti-filled desert of Arizona. The reason for the back 'n forth between the west and east coasts is to pursue my Masters of Science to become a Physician Assistant. I graduated from the University of Arizona, Class of 2014, with a Bachelor of Science in Physiology, and minors in Chemistry and Art History. I have my 200 hour RYT certificate. If you can't tell, I love educating myself on all things I find fascinating. 

Which leads to the creation of this blog. I hope to use this space to document the inspiring, soul-fulfilling, and just simply beautiful aspects of life. And the stuff I learn and explore! Feel free to connect with me. 

| Namaste | 

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