| Hullo | 

Welcome to this space. I document all things that I find sol | ful. Namaste. 

| I N T R O : Hullo There |

| I N T R O : Hullo There |

Oh, hey there! 

If you haven't already checked out some of the few features here on this blog, and by few, I mean the JUST ONE FEATURE... the 'About' section, then let me please introduce myself. 

Hullo. My name is Hania Alexander. And this right here? Is my soul space to create. 

To create what? 

To create what becomes beautiful and sol | ful to me. 

That right above here. Is my purpose at pursuing this. This bloggy thing. 

Let me press rewind a bit. 

I was first introduced to blogging my senior year in high school (going wayyyyy back here). I started out a Tumblr, cause why not? It suited what I wanted/needed/knew about at the time. I was consistent with blogging there (this was before Insta made its debut) until around junior year in undergrad. Life took its momentum, or so to speak, and I fell off the blogging wagon. It wasn't until my senior year (of undergrad, which really wasn't that long ago!) that I had that itch to blog... AGAIN. Yes, I did blog as a project for an art history class to complete my minor. Anyways...

My mind began coming up with ideas, that I was doing n o t h i n g with. Like at all. Zero. Zitch. Nothing. 

Then, I graduated (whoot whoot!) and I felt I had some more time on my hands. Turns out, looking back now, I did, but I still had no idea what to do with this whole 'I wanna blog!!!!!!' shenanigans. I continued to brainstorm, you guess it, deep in my brain, without taking any action on it. 

I am now currently in my 'Second Gap Year' (you could tell I couldn't make THAT many life decisions right after I graduated) and I finally have a place that I want to start. I figured out a platform, title (THAT right there was the hardest part), and finding random ways to educate myself on this bloggy thing. #girlbossstatus But, I am finally here. And that is the most important part. 

Oh yeah. Back to this 'About' me thing. 

I am a sol | ful seeking goddess, reaching to all corners of the universe to keep my noggin workin', soul happy, tummy content, and heart full of love. I am a yogi, asana instructor, dancer, lover, sister, daughter, friend, soulmate. I am a cat mum to Mr. Demetri, otherwise known as my Buddha belly. I am a drinker of green tea by morning, tons of H2O by day, lattes + almond milk hot chocolates by afternoon, and red wine come evening time. Oh, and I can't forget about them margs. I fully believe in living a healthy lifestyle, whatever that means for you/me/anybody really. For me, it means gluten-free eats, tons of small meals and snacks, more veggies than fruit, and protein. And dancing. And loving, and laughing. But also working hard for what I hope to achieve in life. I love studying, and school (I know, who ever says that!). Which has caused me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Physiology, with minors in Chemistry + Art History (couldn't make up my mind either) at the University of Arizona and my current undertaking (or I should say, soon-to-be undertaking) in the Physician Assistant Program at Boston University. In. A. Month. See? I never stay in one place either. Through all of these rigorous pursuits, I need to venture into my creative outlet, which leads to the need of this S P A C E. 

So, you're here. You're excited (I know you are, cause I am too) and you just (hopefully) read all of this. But most importantly, I can't wait to share what is in store for the both of us. 

| I N T R O : Oh Hello |

| I N T R O : Oh Hello |