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Tunes | Hula Hoop

Tunes | Hula Hoop

Do you know how when you are on Spotify, or whatever music source you listen to, and just hear a song that you have never heard before...and you LOVE IT?

Like, where has this song been?

My first couple of thoughts when this happens include : 

'I must add this to my Possible Yoga Music playlist' (usually applies to most songs I listen to)

'I need to listen to this song five more times. In a row.'

'Let's Snapchat a vid of this'

'When can I add this into a yoga playlist?'

Then, I start to sequence a yoga playlist + class, usually while driving, or hanging out with John. 

So, yeah. 

But when I do hear a song, and it becomes my current jam, I just want to share it. 

Because sharing is caring. And fun. And inspiring. 

So, if you ever hear a song that becomes your next current jam, please share in the comments below, and we can all make really swell music playlists, whether it is for a yoga class, or you're studying/cleaning/commuting and need a playlist, for you know, background noise. I tend to prefer to have a playlist for everything + anything I am doing. Meal prepping playlist anyone? 

Anyway, enjoy listening to the track below - Hula Hoop | OMI. Click on the grey 'Download' link in the right lower corner of the light grey box below. This will direct you to Spotify, and my playlist labeled 'tunes' for tunes that I will share with you! Also, Roses by The Chainsmokers made that list too! 

Download it (the song/playlists/Spotify in general) and have a dance party in your car. (Hopefully you're not the one driving?)

Us on the way to The Dirty T. 

I think it's time to cue a dance party?


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