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The Month | March On 2016

The Month | March On 2016

Oh, hey. So, I had this idea that I would start yet another column about/in regards to the beginning of the month. In particular, beginning with this month, March 2016. 

Note - there seem to be a lot of 'starts' to new columns on this blog. This definitely comes with me literally launching this blog as 'live' about three days ago, and having tons + tons + tons of ideas for this blog, right here!, raging through my mind, and just waiting to be revealed. It is going to take time to build + create + establish this space, but I am going to take this chance, begin this journey, and share it all with you lovely readers here. (This is also a note to myself :))

Also, I wanted to create this post about two weeks ago, but I was still deciding on that starting this blog thing...

With this column, I wanted to speak to what this month entails for me. It encompasses the last consecutive 31 days that I will be able to say 'I live in Arizona.' 

I am moving about 2600 + miles away from a place I have called home for 13 years. As of today, the countdown is 14 days. Two weeks. WHAT ? 

It's almost too soon. Yet too far. 

Let me explain. 

Way too soon since I haven't started packing yet. Or purging my belongings that I am not taking. Or donating the clutter I no longer need. Or thinking about how most of the stuff I am doing is 'The Last Time' for a while. Or mentally, physically, and emotionally setting myself up for school. Or the fact that I am going back to school after a two-ish ? year break - which hasn't much been a break, but a hustle outside of undergrad and being at a university. 

Yet too far away because I (think) I am ready for the transition. I want to pack up my belongings and GO. Instead of sitting for 1.5 weeks waiting. I want my 'Tackle This' list to be so done, cause I am so over it. I just want to cross every little item off. And dot my i's and cross my t's. I am sick of worrying about prepping for this transition, and just want it to occur - take place - resonate in the present moment. I have been working with prepping for the future, while being present in the moment, with my current gifts of gratitude. It's a lot to handle. And maintain. And take care of myself.

But it is doable, and strengthening, and confidence inducing. 

So, March = enjoying what I have, and looking forward to a hopeful future due to a huge transition. 

Two of my six intentions for this year are to :

Accept transitions and Love in all relationships

I wanted to simplify what I was going to work on for a whole year. My goal with my yearly intentions is to work on those aspects that need more development, in the hopes that come year's end, those aspects will be second nature to me, and I can move on to improve other areas that need work. 

So far, I have been aware of these transitions slowly taking place, and sending love to the relationships I have here, in AZ, and looking forward (but not too far forward) to begin new friendships and cultivate a new community in Boston. 

March is therefore the ending of some things + the beginning of others. 

But there is no cut and dry here. No black and white. 

It's all grey and that is why I need to create space and time to I guess literally cope ? But more likely process, accept, and create the transition. 

March is also a month to be truly grateful for this moment. This opportunity. I would be completely lying if I said I didn't want to move out-of-state to attend grad. school. It has been my dream since, what I can remember, 5th grade. lol. 

I remember telling my neighbor that I would go to Boston to pursue a medical/health care setting degree. 

And lo and behold, I am achieving that younger version of me's goal. It is still a current goal of mine. And it has adapted overtime. But some components have remained the same. 

I can say, so far, as I am posting this about two weeks later than I was originally thinking, is that this month is what it is. It is beautiful and sad and lovely all at the same time. My emotions are all over the place some days, I'm exhausted the others, and the rest, I am enjoying with friends and family. And my pets. And being at home. There's still over 50 things I have to get done, but I have two weeks. I know, through some experience, with hard work, everything will all work out. 

And I am incredibly grateful to have had this time to slowly work on preparing for this transition, and be honest to that intention of not rushing. Of taking that time for quality. 

So, I guess this post became an intention setting moment. 

I like it. 

Comment below if you have any intentions you would like to share for this lovely month, to be hold accountable to, and inspire others!

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