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L O V I N G | Online Shopping for Boston

L O V I N G | Online Shopping for Boston

Countdown to the big move is... 6 days. 

With that, I need to step up my game with packing (haven't started yet...), finish some projects and things of life in the Phoenix, AZ area, and actually do the online shopping for my brand new apartment. 

See, I have decided to take this across-the-country move to the max. 

I am limiting myself in how much I am moving with. 

i.e. If it doesn't fit into three to four large suitcases, then I am not bringing it. 

This is HUGE for me. 

Last time I moved, I had to rent a huge ass moving truck. Trust me on this one cause when John told me he was renting one truck for our move, I told him he needed to get a larger truck, 

Because I have that much stuff. 

He didn't believe me until after we moved. 

Don't get me wrong / Or the wrong idea. 

I am no hoarder....

But I have been furnishing a house for quite some time now. 

This time around, I have to downsize to size up / but smaller ??? 

For an apartment. 

Which I have never lived in one before. 

It's like I need stuff, but I also don't need stuff. Ya know? 

That's where online shopping comes in for me. And it is great. 

Call me a Type-A psycho, but I created an excel spreadsheet of EVERYTHING I will need in my brand new home. I am talking everything. 

How many forks / spoons / wooden spoons / months supply of TP...

You name it + need it, it's most likely on my list. 

So, I have this list. That was step one. 

Now, step two : I head to my favorite sites i.e. Amazon, UO, Anthro, possibly add Target to the mix. And I search for those things I want/need <<< mostly cause I only need the stuff I need.

Save it either in a shopping cart or on my Pinterest board || bu apartment ||

And then act like a sitting duck and think/contemplate the purchase for about one to two months. 

LOL is right. 

I can't make a purchase without weighing the pros + cons on each item. 

Werido me, amiright? But, this process helps keep me accountable + most importantly, budget friendly. 

Because I am not just going to class you guys...

I am moving across the country, away from home, to a brand new city for me (but really it's one of the oldest places in America), to attend a tough program. 

I want to at least feel like when I come to my apartment at the end of the day, I feel at home. 

Comfortable. Able to recharge | study | focus | sleep | and read. 

I need to put a lot of thought into what goes into my humble cave. 

Or cat house. I haven't come up with a name for my new place yet. 

But with this ranting about purchasing goods for my new cave, I wanted to share some things I have come across that I absolutely LOVE. 

: Magical Thinking Artemis Wall Mounted Necklace Holder :

What I love about this piece is... Well, I love absolutely everything. It's gold. Not realllll gold. But still, GOLD ! It contains the phases of the moon. Though John is technically considered the MoonChild in the household (he's a Cancer), I know my energies by what phase the moon is in. No joke. This is also great to hang up all of my dainty gold necklaces, so they do not get tangled up! 

: Tufted Corduroy Floor Pillow

I really don't know about you, but I love sitting on the floor. I can study in the oddest of places, and my favorite is definitely on the floor. With everything I need spread out in front of me. With probably three different types of teas, water, and coffee. And snacks. And music. And blankets + a sweater + glasses. You get the drift. And the atmosphere in which I can focus. You bring the incense + volcano candles, and I got your floor pillow. 

: PIXMA MG7720 Gold Wireless

I have not exactly picked a theme or a color theme for my apartment atmosphere just yet - I am hoping I will have an epiphany this weekend or I will just magically choose things that all go together to create a beautiful space. We will definitely see how that pans out, but I know for sure I will be purchasing myself this gold printer since one - I donated my college printer long ago and two - it's gold. It will for sure go with every other thing I own - which is gold. 

: Hydro Flask Wide Mouth

I can't describe how excited I am to finally go out + purchase myself this water bottle. I have heard nothing but great reviews on it from fellow yogis + yoga instructors + customers + friends. If there is a drinking apparatus out there that holds lots of ounces (we're looking at 32 here), has an option to use a straw, is reusable (eco-friendly), and comes in a variety of colors? I am in. I just can't decide between black or white for the color. Black - cause it goes with my tote/keychains/clutch/yoga clothes/yoga mat bag..you get it. Or white, because I am trying something different than just black, with an attempt to be slightly more feminine? Either color, I am ordering one, and toting it with me wherever I go. 

: Folding Shopping Cart with Double Basket

AKA : A grannie basket. I am super excited for city life since I will have a reason to purchase + use this item. When I leave my house, and I have a car accessible to me (ahem, in AZ) I pack it to the max! I bring my tote for that day, a couple snacks/lunch, iced tea, coffee + water, my yoga gear + anything I need to run errands. In Boston, I don't know if I will be able to do this... So this is where this fun cart comes in. Just think! My shoulders + neck will thank me. Oh, and I do plan on using this for that weekly grocery shopping haul. 

Now, this does not include everything I will be obtaining - just those few fun pieces I am really excited about! You can tell that I am #adulting. 

If you feel like I am missing anything - leave a comment below on what else I should Amazon. 

Happy Weekend :)


L A T E L Y | #adventurinboston

L A T E L Y | #adventurinboston

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