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L A T E L Y | #adventurinboston

L A T E L Y | #adventurinboston

Whoa there...

First off, HULLO !!! 

Secondly, sorry I took such a hiatus. 


Fourthly, if I still have you, please read on with the post. 

So if you can't quite tell, a lot has been going on over here on the opposite side of the screen. I have officially + successfully made the move of over 2600 miles from one part of the country to literally the exact opposite side. Like while it is reaching the 90's in the AZ desert, I had to frantically look for my winter clothing in the rogue snow filled end of Boston. 

At this point, I have no idea of even where to begin with my story! But as is with the beings of this blog, I will just start from here, this very moment, and move forward, sharing stories along the way and as relevant (or not) they may be. 

Today marks about two-ish weeks that I have been here. Week one was basically me freaking out about my apartment (didn't quite get the right one when I first got here) - buying literally everything you need for a studio (which isn't THAT much) - attending my student orientation (I did move for a graduate program !!!) - saying my good-byes + hullos- and unpacking. Week two has been the start of classes - back to studying + socializing on the regular + cleaning + surviving a city life - and did I say more studying? 

Let me just say it has been quite the adaptation. And adventure. Which in the end of it all, is the most important part. And I think that may be why I am personally experiencing so much pressure on myself. Because I know in this moment, I am who I am now, and over time, I will change. I will change because I just literally moved out of my comfort zone into basically a strange and foreign land. I have a lot to learn not just about where I am actually living, but about my classes, and my future. It is all so wonderfully exciting and the exact amount, maybe even more, terrifying. At times, well, most of the time, I am worried about what kind of decision I made to be here. And about 10% of the time, I am so cray cray excited to be here. Something I have been working on for years (think back to high school) has finally occurred, and has lead up to this point. 

But who I am now will change, and the thought of that, and being in that exact moment of transition of self makes me very aware of myself, which is a state I don't tend to be in often. I am aware of what tea I have for breakfast, and how many greenie veggies I eat in a day, and how I interact with others, and how I spend my free time (on insta + here lol). And in a way, that makes me feel very empowered and confident, which is great, because I really need these feels to carry me through my tough courses. But these feels are something I have been not consistent with for a while. And finally being apart of something + doing something I am so passionate about reawakens those feelings. And that makes me that much more wanting to do well - take care of my mind + body + spirit - and be present. 

Which brings me to what + where I went today : s a t u r d a y. My lovely friend who lives in Boston, and is also actually from AZ, invited me to a mediation + reiki class. I have actually never been to this type of combo class before, and have really been wanting to try. So of course, being the first weekend of not needing to be anywhere in a long time, I finished up some studying + went on this weekend adventure - exploring Newbury Street - which is now my favorite - and taking this class. I have taken meditation classes before, but never this long. And I use to have an established meditation practice, that I honestly fell out of, and I know being in Boston + in school will provide a wonderful opportunity to reintroduce it back into my week. 

So this class was held at Karma Yoga Studio, and the space instantly reminded me of being back in Yoga Oasis. They had incense burning + beautiful yogic art everywhere, calming lamps + and wonderful open space - something I have actually been craving these last two weeks. That openness. And that openness created a beautiful space in which to practice being present + also notice those thoughts + ideas that come up, whether it is from you yourself or your ego, or some other external factor. I kept sensing this pressuring factor over my entire body - and it reminded me of the kind of pressure I may be placing on myself to adapt quickly in this new environment. I know things take time, but part of me wants to adapt so quickly, and the other part of me wants to enjoy the process. But inside of appeasing one side of the other, I choose the neutral side - the side of observing, reflecting, and breathing. Which is number one on my list of lessons Boston has taught me. And I am for certain that I see more coming in my future. 

Another thing that occurred during this meditation sess was the ever clearing presence of 'It doesn't hurt to ask'. I really have no idea what this may be geared towards, or what focus I need to bring to the table, but this message was so crystal clear. It appeared within me as I created the space to be present + the space to allow healing to occur. Something I have valued over time is how in tune I can be with myself, and though I am no professional at mediation or being clear with myself and then actually listening to myself, but I do like that there are moments in time when things are clear, and when things are not. 

But I guess we can go on with this every emerging list, and say that Boston has showed me 'It doesn't hurt to ask'. 


Well, I love this short little snip-it of life I am showing any of the readers here, and I would like to redirect for a moment. 

With my classes starting for the next few years, my goals for this space may (and most probably will) be placed on a slight hold. But I have decided that I will continue to utilize this space, and share these 'L A T E L Y' posts + whatever other posts I have time for. I hope to change up my posting schedule, and switch to once a week - hopefully on Sunday afternoons (fingers crossed!) and see what unfolds. I am learning flexibility within my life, and knowing that timing may not always work out, and there is always a reason for that. So, I place trust in me to write, you to read, and the universe to provide for all of us. 

And I hope you continue including yourself in the ride of this adventure. 

- Namaste - 


Edit: I didn't even realize it, but I had written this post on 04/16/16 (last year!) about two weeks into my program. I had logged this as a 'Draft' post, and never actually posted it! So you get two takes - one from a year ago, and one from now - on my take of returning to this space.


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