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L A T E L Y | 'Where in the world is Hania?'

L A T E L Y | 'Where in the world is Hania?'

Well, more like currently. Like currently, where is the world, both physical and other, is Hania?

And at that, I offer a slight chuckle. Ha.

According to my insta and the few blog posts I managed to form last year, you may know that I already made the trek from the sunny desert of the West coast into the seasonal, ever changing weather landscape of what I would like to term the congested East coast. Over 2600 miles, from one "newer" growing city, to a very historic city, I made those travels, and currently reside in a town outside of Boston.


Ironically enough, I am writing this post back in the desert land of Arizona.

Life is funny at times.

Which is what I think about in my time from my last post of last year to this post of this year. I actually think a lot of things. A lot of emotions, contemplations, realizations, thoughts, ideas, situations, opinions, judgement, grief, fear, hope, inspiration, anger, acceptance, desire and motivation.

John put it perfectly, while we were sipping margaritas. He said "Then, you were planning. Now, you are actually doing." Meaning, what I have planned for all along and worked hard for, I am now currently in the midst of living it.

If this post was a yoga class, my word of the day would be 'currently' - because that seems to be the theme of this writing.

Back to what John mentioned - that really resonated with me. It was a statement that brought me back to the absolute present, the here and the now. And I felt a part of myself be in awe and re-inspired of all the challenges I have faced and will continue to do so, knowing that I have made it this far. Because, you see, I have been living with a different state of mind in order to keep life simple and efficient to power through the days just so I can accomplish what I need to school-wise.

I took a step back, reevaluated what is absolutely necessary in my life, and assessed that against what is attainable to formulate what I deem my success formula. I figured I might as well submerge myself fully into this experience, come out of it with awareness and knowledge of what I do and do not know, and then continue to pursue forward with other pursuits.


It took me April 2016 to January 2017 to make that shift in mind, and show up for myself in this program.

Change is challenge and challenge makes for growth into the spaces of ourselves that we can only dream of.

So if I had to summarize all of that that I am urning to portray in one post - it would be challenge begets personal growth. And listening to oneself will yield all that we yearn for in life.

And that each of us contains that little light to truly shine.

A little cheesy? So much so, I don’t want to believe it? But necessary to acknowledge.


So while I may not be able to completely write all that has occurred within the last year, I am able to reintroduce myself into this space, make some time for posts, and continue on forward.

Though progress may be slow, it will be steady.



L A T E L Y | #adventurinboston

L A T E L Y | #adventurinboston