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Heyo! The first week of July 2017 is officially done (Hullo FRIYAY!) and I can’t tell you how quickly this week as gone by (for me at least). I just have to say, that this summer as been one long big fat waiting period for me - and has thus been EXTREMELY slow. The days have been long, the weeks have been longer, and the months seem to drag themselves. With all of that time, you, at least I, would have accomplished much, but that would be an even bigger NO. Unless, of course, you count in sleeping in countless of hours, working out when I want to, grazing on snackage throughout the day, and finding myself on more vacations than I thought would happen this year.

But enough of that, I am gearing up, and much more ready for the rest of this coming summer, and transgression into fall, which I will tell you, will not be slow, but more representative of what this week has been for me - which is fast pace. Seriously, there was one day I am pretty sure I was just watching the clock since I could not believe how quickly time was passing. And of course it was happening when I had a never ending 'Tackle-This' list going on. ('Tackle-This' List: the list that has all of my to-dos in one scary place) Which is my sign from the universe that this season is moving into a faster period. I have had my insane fast moments in time (ahem - 2016) - when I could barely stay on top of my toes if you will, and I experienced a much SLOWER time in my life, and I think it was absolutely necessary, though not much wanted. But that is the funny thing about the universe and opening yourself up to it, it brings you what you need, not necessarily what you want at the time. And so, I needed a slower time. And as that time is ending, I am coming to accept it and enjoy it. But then maybe that this is the time for the transition. Into the fast pace of life. And universe, I am ready!

And with that, here are some things I am absolutely LOVING on Amazon, because ever since moving to this city (Boston, that is) I have transitioned my love of Target to my love of Amazon (but don't worry Target, you will always have a place in my heart, as long as I live in a city where I have my car - which is not here). So let's get to it!

: Capri Blue Volcano Jar Candle :

I love candles period. Which translates to "I love to burn money for fun. And a good scent." But once I get over the fact that I am literally burning money, same goes for incense, sage, or even diffusing oils, I absolutely love having at least one candle in my apartment. It just makes my space feel clean, warm, welcoming, and whole. It's comfort, in a jar. And with this adorable white jar, it will go nicely with my clean white space. And after the candle is done? Just fill the jar with hot water, let it sit so the wax can be fully removed, pour out the wax and water, and wash + dry. It becomes the perfect storage for anything you'd like - I prefer jewelry, or even, another candle!

: Over The Door Shoe Rack :

This one is a little more basic than others, but I absolutely love it's functionality. Especially when your closet probably used to be a tiny hallway, that was boarded up on one side with five different locks so that people in the stairway didn't have an easy access to your apartment. To which someone thought by adding just six coat hooks on the walls, and then two metal bars horizontally to somehow hang up hangers. To which you (meaning me) took everything down, and reconstructed the space with six outside planter hooks (the ones you use to hang up hanging planters), a rod cut in half, a dozen of screws, carpet ends, a broken bookcase, an Ikea cart, and an overused black tote - you now have a decent functioning closet to hang up clothes. At least, all the ones I have. But you still don’t have the retail space for all of your shoes! Which you definitely downsized, of course! So, this is where this guy comes in. Hang the three hooks over your door on the inside of your closet, or bedroom door or whatever, and put your shoes inside it. What's really nice about this is that the shoe rack is made out of fabric, which is more sturdy over time, AND most importantly, does not have any plastic, which Demetri would most definitely get a hold of.

: Foldable Drying Rack :

Another practical thing - but just hear me out. The only thing I use a dryer for are my towels, bedding, socks, etc. Anything that goes in the hot wash is dried as well. But everything else? Well, that needs to be air dried. And sometimes I have the space to hang up all of my wet clothes, and hangers on which to hang them. And sometimes, I don't. This is when I will set up this. It is compacted for storage, and when it stands up. You can hang up quite a bit of clothing on this as well - think two weeks worth. And the space in-between the bars, perfect for drying. It is sturdy as well. A perfect way to obtain nice, clean, and dried clothes.

: I Do What I Want Cat Face White Coffee Mug :

Just reading the title of this should scream me, or awesome. Or even - 'Get that thing away from me!' Either way, I love it, and definitely want it. I mean, it has a cat on it, having this attitude it does whatever it wants to do. And let it. Let this cat do what it wants. And let people do what they want - as long as it doesn't harm others. And just let me purchase this mug, cause it's awesome.

: Divided Bamboo Tea Box :

To tie in the concept of a mug, let's store some tea! I don’t know about you, but I have about ten boxes of tea right now. And that is after a recent downsizing. With it being humid here in the city, I am tempted to purchase some tea just for ice tea brewing. I find the herbal and fruitier teas are way better for a hot summer's day. What would be an even better way to store tea than stack the boxes up one by one, would be to categorize them in this box. With different compartments, eight to be exact (I would have to buy two boxes then), the tea can be divided up by type, and not only is this a beautiful display, it is a quick easy and go-to access for your morning up of calm. Or green. Or chai. Or whatever floats your boat.

Well, if listing off what I want to purchase on my next Amazon purchase doesn't stop me from actually clicking 'Order', I don't know what will. Ha!

But hopefully, this column can give you a few ideas for your next Amazon haul. ESPECIALLY with Amazon Prime Day coming up - July 10th to be more specific. 

Sometimes I even think I am buying ALL of Amazon's stuff, you know? If you can think it, it's on Amazon.

And speaking of shopping hauls - I am about to hit up a CVS, cause sometimes, I just don't want to buy bulk on Amazon. Especially razors. Just me? Ok. 


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