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NomNoms | John's Homemade Salsa

NomNoms | John's Homemade Salsa

Finally, we have John's homemade salsa recipe! To say I have patiently been waiting for this post for over a year. Yes, a year! John was working on this recipe a couple of months before my move out to the East coast, and I know it is something he regularly makes because it is just that good!

Something I eventually want to incorporate into my life is making more homemade food items, especially staples like salsa, guac, and hummus. I am so glad I have a partner who loves to explore and create in the kitchen as well.

Anyways, John takes the rest of it from here.



+ 1 canned whole peeled tomatoes

I personally like the brand showed in the pictures; howevere, they are all good. Try to get canned tomato without seasoning. You should also season the tomatoes yourself.

+ 1 onion

Yellow, sweet, or Vidalia

+ Taste : Cilantro

The more the merrier. This ingredient cannot be missed in a good salsa.

+ Taste : Garlic

Depending on how much you want your breath to stink, add garlic to taste. I personally like adding a lot of garlic.

+ Taste : Hot peppers

I personally like to use jalapenos, serrano, and Fresno peppers. Each of these peppers add a unique kick and color to the salsa.

+ Taste : Salt

+ Taste : Lime

+ Drink : Wine

My go-to wine is 19 crimes. Although their labels are rugged; their red blend is surprisingly smooth and balanced. Definitely an undervalued wine.



+ Saute the peppers with a bit of olive oil.

This reduces the heat and brings out the flavors in the peppers.

+ Put all the ingredients in the food processor.

I like putting the canned tomato in last to prevent over blending.

+ Pulse chop the ingredients.

It is possible to over blend the salsa, which makes it a bit watery.

+  Keep adding salt and lime until the flavors balance.

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