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The Month | September 2017

The Month | September 2017

Um, OK. We are already into the new month of October, but I am still sharing my September intentions, because I JUST finished this out. #gradschoolexams



Well, well, well. Isn't it basically the half-way point through the month, and I am just getting to posting 'The Month' series late again. Oh well, I have been following these intentions throughout the first half of the month, so I can share my experience.

With less than four months left of 2017. Yes that is right, ONLY like three-ish plus months left. I want to really hone in on my 2017 intentions and basically finish out this year strong, as cliche as that may be.

So not only do I share my monthly intentions, I also want to focus on more long term intentions in regards to what I would like to accomplish by this year's end. This way, I set myself up for continued success in 2018, because I just have a feeling that I am in this positive light manifestation phase that just feels oh so good + I definitely want to soak it up while I can.

So hullo to the September intentions I have been turning to for decision making, and just awe inspiring motivation.

| September Intentions |


1 | Movement | Gym Time

I recently joined a new gym nearby, and am very happy with how convenient it is. It has good gym hours, spin classes, total body conditioning classes (which are actually a lot of fun), and many areas in the gym where I can use machine weights or free weights and be in the zone. I have honestly been complaining a lot of my sedentary lifestyle (hullo PA school + sitting for hours upon hours a day studying +++ stress eating) and want to move from a complaining mindset to one that notices things, and takes the necessary steps to better them. Basically, being proactive in a sense that is productive. Anyways, I already have a couple of favorite spin instructors, and I feel like my mum is thinking 'Oh, you are just like me.' since I am spinning a ton just like she does.

2 | Patience | CPY

Well, I can tell you this has definitely payed off. I basically decided I needed to make major changes in my life by instilling smaller, more meaningful ways about spending my time, and knew it was time to head back to the studio to teach. Well, it has been about five months since I actively submitted my application and patiently waited for next steps in this process. Think two intensive training weekends later, I am going to be on ze schedule!

3 | Clean it up! | Clean Eats

This really means, stop stress eating and stop making that stress-eating junk food. Cause it just ain't good for me - mind, body, and sprit. I LOVE my cheese boards, wine, and chocolate, let alone rainbow sprinkles with some chocolate ice cream :) but there has to be a point where I eat mostly clean, and add yumyum goodness here and there. Instead of depending on it, like I have been doing these last couple of months. This really ties into ending the year on a positive and good note - I want to feel fineeeee when I ring in 2018.

4 | Blog Posting | Weekends

Well, yes, I have planned out one or two blog posts a week for the rest of the year… but just have not gotten to posting September's quite yet. Can I blame it on the Monday exam I had that just threw me off my mojo? Yes, no? Anyways, I have these planned, and will work more onto making these posts live.

5 | Studies | School 'n Spiritual

This goes without saying. I am in grad school - so I need to study. But just not necessarily more - just smarter. Which is why I have been unintentionally practicing studying hardcore during the week, and making time for myself over the weekends. Think, light reviews on weekends, unless it is the weekend before an exam - then I am just pure studying. But I believe I am learning more about myself and what this 'balance lifestyle' looks like to me. And so far, I am very happy with the results.

Just a note on spiritual studying - I have been committed to my 10-minute a day meditation practice, and I can't explain what it does for me. When I miss my daily practice i.e. this weekend, I NOTICE it. And it's weird but a good weird. Maybe another blog post for another day.

6 | Objectives | The Month 

This is just something to improve my consumer impact on the world. It is more researching what is out there and how I can implement it now, as a grad student, or later, when I have an adult job and can actually afford more than just my grocery billssss.

7 | SM | IG Stories Posts 

Let's just say - I'm workin' on it. Being a full-time grad student + working + blogging is tough. This, well, IDK. I started posting on IG stories - I just don't know how I feel about it. Like is it worth it? I definitely have been watching other's IG stories and I've been loving it! But for me, IDK what is worth sharing there besides my meditation mornings, nomnom food throughout the day, and walking to the gym. Cause that is basically all I have time for besides class + studying. We'll see how this goes.

8 | SM | Minimize 

This definitely counteracts the previous intention - but balance. Because who doesn't? In a wonderful world, I wouldn't have a FB, and would read books instead of other people's insta posts. So I am going to work towards that. And one thing I definitely am going to be saving for is a kindle so I am more likely to read!

| 2017 Intentions |


So, as I mentioned, we are close to three months until 2018 - and I DO want to finish it off strong. Here are some intentions I want to carry out until the end of the year. A lot of these may seem similar to monthly intentions - but that is keep my intentions consistent.

1 | Once A Month

This includes things, more like self-care things, I would like to make sure I complete at least once a month. It just keeps me sane knowing that these things will be done! These include: mani-pedis, Amazon orders (just the basics!), and deep cleaning my apartment. Simple things - but I know I will feel much better in my study zone when these things are done.

2 | Teach Yoga In-Studio

Well, as of now - I can say this much is true! I WILL be teaching yoga in-studio, and will continue the rest of the year :) More to come on my teaching schedule!

3 | Health Objective

Well, this kind of ties everything up! I have been, I guess you would say, more restrictive in my eating habits since I want to shift towards a more lean meat + produce eating pattern, cultivating my pure energy from whole foods rather than processed. And this includes those gluten-free grains. Just because it is gluten-free does not mean it is a healthier option. I originally went gluten-free almost 5 years ago (?!?!) and it was because I wanted to cut down on processed foods. During that time, I majorly increased my whole food consumption, and I can not explain the type of wonderful energy I experienced! With my stress eating as of late, I want to tap back into that awesome energy source, and for me, at this point in my life, I know it has to deal with what I am fueling my body with. So more produce, more sleep, more caffeine free tea, and less sugar, gluten-free treats, dairy, and alcohol.

Not only does this intention include my healthy consumption, but also making time to practice healthiness in other aspects of my life, such as relationships, hobbies, rest + relaxation, and trying new things. In essence, it is fueling my energy to cultivate creativity and most importantly, living fully in the moment.

4 | School Performance with Some Major R 'n R

Balance right? Work hard, play hard. Or in my case - relax hard. I have been following this for the past three months, and it's working, so I want to stick with it. I keep school to during the weekdays, and more life stuff on the weekends. I am still needing to follow a good sleep schedule, so any tips - hit a girl up!

5 | READ!

Ironically enough, my classmates thought it would be a good idea to start a book club. And IDK about you - but I am pumped for it! Our first meeting (is that what you call a book club time?) is late November, so I have time to read this book. Other than that, I have a bunch of books on my book shelves that need some reading. I am hoping to finish the books on my shelves before the end of the year… So that means I need to be more proactive about my time in general.


I really want to take more photos. I have noticed lately that I just don’t take as many as I use to. I blame it on my limited storage iPhone, but really, I could just keep uploading photos to my drive and taking more cause photos just capture those moments we want to look back on, am I right? So this is a major area of improvement. Also, I really want to eventually purchase a digital camera - but I first need to know I will use it i.e. taking tons of photos! 

7 | Survive Winter

This is actually not a joke. Yes - I have lived through winters before in my childhood (so weird to say that) but it is different now that it's me heading to class, then the hospital to see patients, then to the yoga studio to teach / take a class. To me - that is a ton of stuff to carry for one day (cause I am a public transportation commuter) and that is how I think about things. But also, I have to basically wear two to three outfits just to walk outside (think those winter 'long underwear' things, but trust me, mine are more chic, my actual clothes for the day, then my outerwear i.e. winter coat, boots, wool socks, gloves, ear muffs, probably two scarves --- you get it). And doing all of that multiple days in a row is exhausting. Not to mention it is pitch black at 4:30PM. IN THE AFTERNOON. For a girl who comes from sunshine filled AZ - it's quite the mood changer. So I want to be more proactive this winter, keep my spirits up, and know that spring will (eventually) be on it's way.


Well, I guess this past month's mantra was 'Transitioning proactive actions into a productive life'. 

Let's see how this translates as we begin the Fall season. 

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