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Alright, we are basically like almost done with January 2 0 1 9, and I am over here just touching upon the intentions of December 2 0 1 8. I have yet to even finalize / formulate my final intentions for 2 0 1 9. (insert shoulder shrug emoji) But here we are. 

On the other hand though, I feel like today embodies the essence of what December is like to me. We just had our first (I think, honestly can’t remember, nor do I keep a count) snowfall of the winter season. It is chilly, the atmosphere has the kind of gloomy it’s-gonna-snow glom, and I am literally wearing what I think every chick wears in the winter - comfy ’n cozy socks, some form of workout leggings, and a sweater. I basically didn’t even bother to get dressed today, even though I DID venture out and have a walk in the snowy sidewalks of Boston. It also happens to be my first day off in like a week. And when I say week, I mean the LAST SEVEN DAYS. So I am kind of shellshocked with how to spend my time.  (Like I don’t know how to spend my time. If you say ‘studying’, well… how about nah?) I basically am joking with my friends because when they ask me how I chilled on a this beautiful and much needed day off, I responded with ‘Well, I read in bed for an hour, ate breakfast in bed, meal prepped, cleaned my apartment, took out the trash and all the stuff I wanna donate/remove from my apartment, worked out for an hour, picked out my outfits for the week, planned the week, met a beautiful friend for lunch, ran some errands, came home, and chatted on the phone with peeps I needed to catch up with. And now I’m like, what’s next, what else do I have to do?’ To which my friends respond with ‘Um, IDK, CHILL?’. So obvi I know how to chill, but I am also looking for a way to fill my time and maximize my day off. But I am over here now writing some blog posts, so that in and of itself is chill for me. 

But let’s get back to the nature of this post - intentions! 

December was, well, how will I describe it? A month that very much needed to be over in my opinion. I was unexpectedly scheduled for a rotation over the holidays, (and when I say unexpectedly, I mean when I received my original rotation schedule in like April) so I knew that this month was gonna feel much longer than it normally does. Cause I mean holidays have a way about stopping time in a season and allowing this lull to exist, and then with NYE - you are bumped back into existence, or rather, a new existence of yourself! But I digress. It was just gonna be a blah month for me. THANKFULLY, it did not snow until well, today, January 20th, 2019. So in that regard, I was most thankful. I have to add in there too that I was also most grateful that John came to visit me for the holidays, and whisked me to his fam’s house for some of it. But in regards to school, and motivation, it just wasn’t there for me. At. All. But I was also banking on the new year to inspire new energy into me, which wonderfully, it has. So my intentions were not that all drastic in any of the sense because I basically just wanted to make it to the new year and have a fresh feelin’ start. 

So let’s get into these intentions - which may even just be more of a recap in general. 




I basically just chilled with Demetri. I literally have no photos of my studying during this time period.

I was on my Neurosurgery rotation, which was an elective, and let’s just say it was v awesome. And I surprisingly loved clinic, which I wasn’t expecting. I had great teachers on this service, and was very very thankful that I passed the exam and rotation. (!!!!)



Me just being my best self at the holidays - homemade cookies and chilled wine.

I really just wanted to post a bit on my SFG insta in posts + stories - which I did. But I also wanted to actually post more blog posts than my monthly series of THE MONTH. I just didn’t make the time to make it happen. But the world thankfully moves on yo. 


3 | LIFE

This is what I did. Netflix. X-Mas tree. Homemade risotto. All. Month.

Life… hmm. I thought I would have decluttered my apartment for good during this month, and while I only have basically a third left to go through (my office and a third of my closet) I did not get that much done. I also have a lot of random outstanding life stuff I just wanna get done. Like check mark, complete, and move on. But I mostly just made lists and lists and lists, and eh kind of just looked at the lists, got overwhelmed, and just was like - what’s next on Netflix? But now I have those lists, and I can slowly but surely mark my way through them, one by one.



Our holiday photo.

Obvi spend a wonderful time with John <3 We spent some time in Boston, and some time with his fam in NJ, and then back to Boston. It was v nice to get out of my apartment and the city for a bit. We have come to the point where we v much enjoy our time together when we are in the same zip code - but we don’t really have to fill our time with ‘stuff’ to do, which is what we kind of did in the beginning of our long distance relationship. We just truly enjoy going to hot yoga, grabbing meals out, walking around, shopping, and going to the movie theaters together. I think over the time he was here for the holidays, we went to the movie theaters twice. But it was so nice. Oh - and I Facetimed my fam a ton over the holiday just to get some extra fambam time in.

With all of these subtypes - my overall December intention was to just prepare for the year ahead. I have A LOT of newness happening this year… eventually. I think having to await for this newness is an act of practicing patience - which is purely a beautiful gift indeed. But to prepare for the new year - I 75% expected myself to think, meditate, and write down my intentions for the new year, for the new month, and just for the new semester. There was a ton of newness (for me at least) at the stroke of midnight, welcoming us into 2019, of which I was most definitely asleep by then, however, I actually did not write anything down. I just kind of thought about it as the days of December slowly ticked away. And I have still yet to write them down - ?maybe I will do that tonight? I even set aside NYE to just chill on my own, in my v comfy apartment to do just that. But maybe that night and the whole month of December was just a time period where I needed a big ol’ fashioned break? I think so, now looking back. 

So December was filled with a lot of chill, resting, and eating (ha!) and I think it has done well with my soul.