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Heyo! We are already a week into September, and as much as it is buzzing around with everyone - I feel FALL coming. And no - it’s not here, but it is flirting with late summa to let the transition begin. And I am just too pumped! I am v done with the heat and humidity of summer, and I long for wearing sweaters without sweating (because let’s get real here - I am still wearing sweaters in the dead of summa cause I am all about those cozy home vibe feels). And also, because my rotations tend to be in v cold hospitals, so I am dressing that ways anyways. 

Not only are we bringing on fall, we have a new moon coming up on 09.09.2018. Not only are seasons changing, but we are too. It is time to bring on all that newness we have been cultivating, leaning into, and ready to expand. 

So, here are my expansions for this new new month : 




Pass my Internal Medicine Rotation

Prep for my Plastic Surgery Rotation

Work on the first two chapters of my thesis


I am finishing up my IM rotation, which I surprisingly loved! I of course want to finish the rotation off strong by passing the exam, and prep for my first surgical rotation by printing a PDF textbook I need to read, and organizing my thoughts on how I plan to study for my first elective and first surgical rotation. Lastly, I really want to finish my thesis by the end of this year, so that means I need to work on some of the chapters I have written out. It takes a lot for me to work and study during the week and then have the weekends to prep for the next week AND somehow add sufficient time to work on my thesis, reading journal articles and typing out the info, so that is why it is on the list!



Insta : Post to stories + feed

Write two blog posts

Organize blog side of things


I can’t believe the last time I typed out my monthly intentions was literally a year ago. But I can also believe it because I was so focused on and drained from school last year, that my creative juices were not flowing at all, and I really just needed whatever moment I had to use as down time, and time to unwind. However, now that I am back from my hiatus, I feel a surge of energy, inspiration, and creativity to bring into this space, and I am v pumped for it. Basically, my intentions here are for this space, and ways in which to continue to share content. 


3 | LIFE

Maintain healthy lifestyle

Complete daily to-do’s

Work during the week + Relax during the weekends


Life things. I just got off the phone with my mum, and she was like ‘Why do we have to have chores EVERYDAY? Like there is never a day when I don’t have to do anything.’ And AMEN to that. I feel like I could do chores all day and everyday just by how much stuff there is ‘to-do’, not because I want to do chores everyday (insert eye roll emoji). I tend to lump all my life-chores on a day when I don’t have to go into my rotation because I tend to focus on just my rotation during the work week, especially when I am working over eight hours a day. But then my weekends feel like all I do are chores, and I barely get any studying done. So now, I am going to try to study on days I do have rotations, and focus on life things when I don’t have my rotation that day. I feel like that may be a balance that works for me, but this can vary every month depending on my rotation schedule. But this month, I plan to maintain my healthy habits i.e. working out, and meal prepping, and my daily to-do’s. My daily to-do’s are more of ways to ground myself after a day of being in the hospital environment. I unpack from the day, change into lounge clothes, make a snack and decaf green tea, and try to hold a quick meditation and journaling practice. This helps me transition from working mode, to being home, grounded, and getting ready to eventually study for the evening. 


Enjoy John’s visit :)

Hang with friends before they move outta Boston


The months I am able to visit with John are the best! We have a little somethin’ somethin’ fun planned this coming weekend, and I am very excited for the adventure. More to come later. Lastly, a lot of friends have or are currently in the process of leaving Boston, and I have been making sure to spend time with them before they depart on their next adventure. We have been exploring Boston, and visiting new places in the city I had yet to visit. 

Something new about my intentions this year is that I decided four big areas in my life that I wanted to work on, and continue to work on the big picture throughout the year by picking little things here and there in which to ring in my focus. So, for example, I am obvi still in school, and need to definitely focus on that. In order to do so, every month I look at what exams/projects/presentations/thesis stuff that is either due or going to happen i.e. an exam. Then, I factor in what I want to accomplish. Usually a month includes the start and end of a rotation, a end-of-rotation exam, and maybe some thesis goals I need to accomplish. Those endpoints end up becoming my intentions for the month under the ‘SCHOOL’ category, and that’s what I focus on for the month! 

I also try to keep it simple because let’s be real - school is semi-soul sucking at times and devours most of my time, both when I am awake and sleeping (yas - I dream about school too), so I don’t have much time for anything else. I focus on what I need to feel good at the end of the day, and plan my intentions around that. 

At the end of the month, I re-evaluate what I was able to accomplish and not, and plan again for the next month! I found that by keeping an awareness of my yearly goals by breaking them down into monthly intentions is easier to digest and work towards, then planning yearly resolutions. 

Excited to work on this month’s intentions and ring in fall!



Tunes | Heated Vinyasa Yoga Playlist

Tunes | Heated Vinyasa Yoga Playlist