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My - it has been a minute, hasn’t it?

I literally haven’t posted a blog post since 03.21.2019 - a couple of days before I took a couple of airplanes to travel across the world (basically) to the lovely city of Kampala in Uganda for my international rotation. I had intended to blog while there - however, the internet was spotty, and when I did have time - I found myself reading on my Kindle instead of writing (which was honestly so so nice). And then when I returned, it basically took me all of May to just accept that I was back in America, and just really back to my responsibilities (and of course the gloom and cold of Boston). So, I didn’t write.

But now - now it is June 1st! And I am returning back to posting my intentions + playlist close to the beginning of the new month. And to top it off - we are half-way through 2019. So what a wonderful time to return to those (meaning my) 2019 intentions and to find areas of growth. 

And with that - here coming at ya are the JUNE INTENTIONS ::: 


This month, in terms of school scheduling, was definitely a curve ball for me AKA : an unexpected series of circumstances. I was basically suppose to be pursuing PLAN A and was then redirected to make PLAN B actionable. A change of course if you will. By now, I have def come to terms with how I handle unexpected anythings in life - and it is this — if it is against what I had originally planned, then I am more or less upset when a change takes place. I need at least one day to just sit with the new info and then move on to finding the positives in the change. I then formulate a new plan to take over. So, I am usually good to go the next afternoon after I hear that my plans / intentions have to change. And that is exactly what happened in this scenario. I was supposed to be doing one thing this month for school, and instead, plans needed to change, and therefore, my schedule needed to change. By the next day, I had already formulated my new plan of attack on this month, and found the positives in said change - which honestly - I think has been for the best. So, that is why this month I must pass my GI rotation - because not only is it my last elective rotation, but it is my last rotation EVER. Cue the preliminary celebration because I can’t believe this is my last rotation. So far, working with the team this week has been great, and I have been learning a lot. Also, it is wonderful that GI takes up a pretty big portion on the PANCE, so I have the time and space to study for my boards as well. 


And by that - I mean write it. I have been listing this as an intention for the last year basically, but haven’t really made the time outside of a 40-60 hour work week, not including studying + attempting to sleep - to actually sit down and work on it. At this point, however, I really have no option. It must be completed! So, I just finished finalizing my writing schedule for this month to complete it. And complete it I will! 


This includes, however, is not limited to daily practice questions, PANCE studying, writing resumes and cover letter, applying for jobs, and just figuring out life moving forward. It’s a lot, and basically overwhelms me every second I even allow myself to think about it. In these situations, where I can easily become overwhelmed - I tend to just ignore the tasks that can simply be done in no time, and just spend the time dwelling on it. Instead - I am approaching this month, and basically the rest of this year, with grace and forgiveness, coupled with hope, motivation, and determination to be able to accomplish all of these things that have caused me to make like 20 new lists of how I am going to get all of this done. As cliché as it is, I just have to take one task one day at a time, and that is something I am constantly reminding myself throughout this month. 


Well - not a diet at all. Just something I have been thinking about since my return from Africa. I guess you could think of it as WHOLE30 but not - since I still eat fruit, and minimal-refined sugar chocolate, and the occasional weekly bag of chips. My intention is to just eat whole food i.e. a smoothie filled with berries, chia seeds, avo, almond butta, and homemade hemp mylk for breaky, a falafel brown rice bowl for lunch, and a chicken salad for dinner. I would like to eat less processed food, and more whole/real foods. At the end of the day - I just want to feel GOOD in my body - the only true home I will have in this lifetime. So, why not refuel it in the best and natural way possible? Again - this is more of a constantly improving intention instead of a perfecting one. I want the freedom to eat all the chocolate / chips / fried rice when I want to but I want to have the intention daily to reach for better options. I believe in LIVING and eating really really good food - and some days that’s a salad for basically every meal (I’ve done it, and duh! I loved it) but also choosing dessert with every meal, and then making homemade risotto, and then going out for pizza (GF of course). 


For anyone who has been within hearing range of me over the last year has probably heard me talk about TBM or ToBeMagnetic, previously known as Free + Native. I will probably write a separate post about this - since I basically love everything about this website - but I have been following them for a while, and finally manifested the opportunity (through their online scholarship) to join THE PATHWAY, which is a monthly subscription to all of their online workshops. Like I have said - I have been following the work for a while, and have been wanting to dive deeper into my blocks, and overall awareness of myself, in order to truly manifest the life I have been working towards since birth (dramatic - but also not). However, I couldn’t justify joining the membership for various reasons. I have been manifesting the ability to join the membership, which came through earlier this month! And now I am thankful to say I am a member of THE PATHWAY and I am way excited to dive into the work. There are are a lot of tools for me to process, and decide on how I want to go about it - which again, I think will be a great separate post to write about + share. I could even do seasonal updates on my process with the work and what I am realizing + manifesting. At this time, I am more interested in diving into the work to practice being present day to day, since I know I am entering a transitional period, and I want to work on taking it day by day, as oppose to only living in the future tense (which is something I tend to do). Either today (if I muster up the energy to sit up from my couch after a day of completing chores), or tomorrow, I am going to go to my local bookstore, and pick up a new soft-covered black Moleskine lined journal to record my journal prompt responses after the daily workshops/meditations. 


This intention kind of couples with the WHOLE FOOD NOMS intention in a way that I just want to be intentional with how I spend my days, and what I include into my day-to-day. If I was to make a list of things that truly make me happy, movement would definitely be on that list. And since it brings me so much joy - why not incorporate it into my daily schedule. I have been known to workout out basically everyday, but ever since I started PA school - that daily workout very slowly became a couple days a week, to one day a week, to no days a week, depending on what block I was studying or rotating. However, since I am nearish to the end and I am on an elective rotation that starts a little later than some of my other rotations - I think it is high time I reincorporate movement into my daily life. My intention this month is to complete morning workouts - before work starts during the weekdays + before I begin my chores and studying on the weekends. I have been doing it since the month started - and I am feeling good + a lot more positive in my day to day tasks.


I have been *attempting* to live a more minimal lifestyle - and with a lot of changes coming up in my future - I would like to continue that mindset in all areas of my life. This means consuming less - as in not buying too many groceries (since I do only cook for one), too many clothes I may not wear after a period of time, and just other general items. This intention also stems outside of the consumerism world (aka : shopping) as in consuming less social media (I am strictly looking at you insta), reading less mindless articles, entertaining less worries and less future planning, and anything that doesn’t help me grow to where I want to go / be present with what is in front of me (which lets be honest - is usually studying lol). The goal of this intention is to allow myself to really assess how I go about my day to day activities, and make the time and space for what I need to do and also what I want to do. 

So a lot of June is focusing on school and bringing more mindfulness into my day-to-day activities, all of which I am very excited for! 

In terms of the blog - I plan to do some backlogging for blog posts from April + May to catch you up on all that has been going on for me!