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I’ve been meaning to do multiple of these, but by the time comes to write about it, I am on to the next season, or the next round of fun things I like. This is a column of blog posts that need to be done like basically in the moment. And that moment being me online shopping - where I put things in the cart, and then ignore it for a month or so, and then delete everything. ha. Ways I spend my time … 

Here’s the round up of things I am loving for that chill cool vibe. 

| Cactus T-Shirt | 

This is a basic tee, but it is just so chill. And cute. and if ya know me, you know how much I love cacti. It really inspires the desert when I am here on the East coast. Thinkin’ I might be getting this for myself for my birthday, in a couple months. It’s bright. It’s cheerful. It will look great with some chill high-waisted jeans and white Birks, while sipping some iced green decaf tea from a reuseable cup with a glass straw.

| Okol Jumpsuit |

IDK - but I am browsing for some cute long term staple wardrobe options. With everyone Marie Kondo-ing their lives, I am turning to make sure my purchase from now till the future are mindful, and high quality. This, this makes that cut. Again, this is more of a maybe birthday fun, or for future travels I have coming up. But let’s just say, this looks completely comfortable yet v put together. You could just roll outta bed, slap on some face sunscreen, roll into this, and walk out the door. Lookin v chic. 

| Diamond Pave Signet Ring | 

This is put on the ‘dream’ list. More like an investment piece. For the far future. Will be def keeping my eye on this one for what will seem like eh years lol. 

| CoQ-10 Toner | 

I will probs write another post on this item, cause it is a literal dream. For your skin. I had a ping to purchase this over Thanksgiving weekend when shopping, and um, I am so glad I did because I literally feel like my skin has changed in the last two-ish months because of this produce. It just feels so smooth, cleansed, and literally toned. Oh, and did I forget to mention? There is no alcohol in this toner. And it’s a clean beauty item. Win win for the skin. 

| Sun Potion Shea Potion | 

I am using all my current body lotions now so that I can purchase this cleaner option for my skin. And I can probably use this for my cuticles too! Will also probably be purchasing the travel size to keep with me in my purse/work tote for day to day commutes. 

| EF Everyday Bowl | 

I basically eat all of my meals out of a bowl. Plates make no sense to me. Bowls work perfectly for all meals, but it also probably works for me since I mostly eat grain bowls or salads. When I went to NOLA last year, I found the cutest coffee shop, and they sold these v chic pottery pieces. I bought some for myself, cause how could I not, and a set for my mum for her birthday. She loved it, and tells me very often how she uses the mug every day for her morning coffee. Since I loved the products so much, I did some research, and found that they make even more kitchenware items. And this item is one that I def wanna invest in. I can get this and then donate my ikea dishware. Also, looking for this in Eggshell. 

| Detox Cellulite Body Oil | 

I have never purchased this before, but I did have a cute travel sample size that I used every drop. I was nervous to try body oil, but this went on very well, well absorbed, and did not stain clothes. Plus, it smells actually amazing. And all you need are a few drops for whole body coverage. 

| Eco Bag Products String Bag |

Another Amazon find. I am pretty good about bringing reusable bags to the grocery store. And recently, Boston implemented a new movement to reduce the use and ultimately the waste of plastic bags. Which I totally get behind. However, I always find myself using ONE plastic bag for every grocery trip to hold my week’s worth of green apples. Now, if I get this bag - I will be able to stop using my weekly plastic bag, and hopefully reduce my waste by just another step. Also, this is v chic and cute and could be used for other things, such as road trips, toting something to school/work, or obvi farmer’s markets. 

| Spiked Naked 1L | 

This is a water bottle description - so chill. I have been eyeing this for a while. I love reusable waterbottles, and I already have my collection, but I feel like this def needs to be added. Since it is a glass bottle, this would be most appropriate for home water consumption. I try to drink from cups, but with having a water-loving cat, it is best if I can cover the top when not in use. 

| Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask | 

Another sample favorite from Credo. It has a v chill blue hue from the blue tansy, is smooth when you place it on your cleansed skin, and is easy to wash off, which is not the case with most face masks I have used in the past. That last point is important to me when it comes to weekday face masking - it has to be quick and efficient - not dripping down my face or a hassle to take off. Might have to treat myself to this one. 

There you have it! Things I am loving lately to cultivate a chill cool lifestyle vibe.