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Welcome to this space. I document all things that I find sol | ful. Namaste. 



Ompf. It is already February 3rd… January went by in a way that both felt like forever, however, it is over now, and I’m in a I-can’t-believe-we-are-one-month-down-in-2019 mode. I can basically tell you that I took a semi-break today - I wrote a bunch of things down that I needed to get done, and by the time I was half-way through my, well, I would say one-third of the way done with my list - I was just like - I need to just rest. Chill. Watch some New Girl. Eat guac + chips + drink a ‘fake marg’ i.e. a kombucha, drink chilled filtered water outta my Arizona cup, and pretend I am back home rn. So I did that for a couple of hours, and now that the weekend is basically ending, I am like, oh, let’s try to get some stuff done. It is basically my life’s challenge to have a fulfilling weekend. I basically have to cram relaxing, rejuvenating, resting time with all the workouts, life chores, studying, outstanding things to do, personal projects, along with spending alone time yet socializing, and also somehow getting enough sleep into 2.5ish days (Friday is like a half-day since I usually still have to show up to work). And this is on rotations where I get a weekend, unlike my last rotation where I worked six days a week, 12 hours a day. I basically had to cram anything else outstanding into my one day off. So my body feels like it basically worked one month straight. Which isn’t horrible, I hear that. But it was nonetheless taxing on my body and spirit, in addition to that cray week of snow, ice, and horribly cold weather. 

Rant over - I need to get onto blog post writing. And this year’s series of blog posts must start with the new year’s intentions. I hear ya that the new year was a month ago, but the intentions last all year, so who cares if I introduce the intentions now as oppose to um, one month ago? Also, I realized that this may be more beneficial because I had a month to think of my intentions, put them into motion, and adjust as needed based on my reality. So these are the modified version - the version to fit with my real life this year. 

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Well, I will start with two mantras I foresee will be helping me get through this year. The first one is one that you most likely have seen floating around insta at the transition from last year to this year - and it v much resonated with me. It’s quite long, however, the message is clear. I like to write my year’s intentions on these pink square post-its, and post them up on the wall above my full body mirror so I can look at it and read from it everyday.

| 2019 MANTRAS | 

Current vibe : doing me. 

Restoring myself.

Reinventing myself. 

Early bedtime. 


Lots of water. 

Working out. 

Working hard. 

Eating healthy. 

Saying no to people. 

Bubble baths. 

Staying in. 

Being present. 

Shifting gears. 

Staying focused. 

Feeling incredible. 

The second mantra is v simple. It can simply be put as : 


That’s it.

I find that at the end of basically everyday, I find myself just not feeling like I did enough. And that’s even on days when I wake up at 3AM and crawl under the sheets around 11PM. I am exhausted, I have shown up for myself in every way, and constantly working on things to better my future, and yet at the end of it all - I have this overwhelming feeling that it is just not enough. 

But no longer. I have decided to alter my mindset this year - and know that I am showing up for myself and that it is indeed enough. That whatever I get through in a day is enough. And then this stems over into the confidence arena that I AM actually working towards my long-dreamed goals. Things I have have been aspiring towards since the fifth grade. Seriously. So in all honesty, this simple mantra that I repeat at the end of my day is a symbol of being enough, doing enough, and having enough confidence to go after what I truly want to manifest. 

Now for these intentions —- 

| 2019 INTENTIONS | 

I view my life in four settings :::

PA Program 


SFG Blog 

Sol | Ful 

And each setting offers up a different approach to focus and have direction in my life. 

Have you ever heard/read the saying that goes something like this?

‘Choose three things. One to educate you. One to keep you healthy. And one to keep you creative.’ (There might be one about making money or something, but I am leaving that one out.)

And while I have four, I have structured my life around this, and I believe that to be my intention this year. To grow into each setting as the human I truly want to emanate (with my above mantras leading the way of course). 


This is my career. My future adult job. My money-maker. My challenger. And also my teacher. I will continue to learn and grow into this year, and as those in medicine say - I will be a life long student in this arena. 

My intention in this setting this year is simple. Continue to pass my rotations, end-of-rotation exams, the series of stuff I need to complete before graduation, complete my thesis, take the PANCE, and obviously, graduate. Then, I will need to apply for licensing and jobs. I am currently manifesting my first career job, and that will be explained more in a future blog post!

So to summarize ::: 

+ Pass rotations 

+ Pass end-of-rotation exams

+ Complete thesis 

+ Complete series of end-of-PA-school stuff to graduate

+ Pass the PANCE

+ Graduate 

+ Apply for licensing and job(s)

| LIFE |

If you didn’t get it from my mini rant above, I have a lot of goals in my day-to-day life. So this little life section is where I can dump all those other, seemingly mundane things. Things like, organize my photos, backup my laptop, continue to declutter my apartment, go more green, things of that nature. 

My intentions under this setting are to complete. To literally just do the things I wanna do, whether those are items that I want to complete (say backup my laptop) or random things I wanna do (say travel to Europe, get another tattoo(s) and piercing(s)), things of that nature. On this note, I actually transferred my entire list making process from my laptop and this random pocket notebook to my notes app on my iPhone. I am quick to NOT making lists on devices because I honestly prefer handwriting my lists down - there is just this act of writing it down, and then being able to cross it off once it is complete that is v satisfying. However, with how my mind works, I can randomly and yet constantly be thinking of ways to add/adapt/change my lists to be the most up-to-date and current version that I aspire it to be. I don’t always have my computer on me, or want to take it out of my tote, and I don’t always have my pocket notebook on me, yet want to take it out somewhere randomly, where one most likely should not have a notebook, let’s say, the bathroom line at a bar on a night out? But I always have my phone on me, and that is wicked acceptable to wipe it out almost anywhere (but not everywhere). So that is the reason I started list making on my phone. And it most definitely works, especially with my new planning/planner situation. So in regards to the intentions within this setting - I just wanna get the stuff that pops into my head done. That’s it. And the beauty of this intention setting is that it is intentional with room to grow/adapt/change based on my availability for the month, and what can realistically get done. I also acknowledge that it doesn’t hold me strictly accountable, and for right now in my life, especially with this year marking significant changes to come, I recognize that, and am amendable to being adaptable to it, and this intention setting is my flexible solution. 

So to summarize ::: 

+ Just do the things I wanna accomplish on my many lists in my iPhone 

+ Try to accomplish / work on something everyday. Doesn’t matter if it is one thing or ten. Forward progress is progress, no matter how small. 

+ Prioritize when necessary. Usually needs to be school stuff before everything else. 

| SFG Blog |

I have a lot, and I mean a lot of future visions for this space, but as mentioned above, I am recognizing and acknowledging my need that I may not have the energy daily to do twenty million things. Especially when it comes to having to study, and then somehow having the time and energy to blog. As mentioned above, as part of my list making process - I most def have one for the blog. And mostly, for now while I am still in school, my goal is to just actually consistently blog. Write posts. Take photos. And then once I am done with school, I plan on making more time to write, and actually do projects worth blogging about. 

I found before school, I would be able to write about my weekend adventures, or a recipe that I was loving as of late. Now? It requires a lot more planning to make something happen, since I am usually just breezing through things just cause there aren’t enough hours in the day. And also too, it’s tough to take the quality photos I wanna take for this space by myself. I am still working on the art of it - but that definitely hindered me when I started school, and continued to do so until recently. I just decided that I could still blog and just have one photo instead of a million, like I tend to see on other blogs. But that is the beauty of this space. I can create it as I please. Which I am v excited for in regards to giving myself permission to do so. 

So to summarize ::: 

+ Stay consistent with writing and posting blog posts 

+ Have fun with it! 

+ Continue to cultivate entire aesthetic 

| SOL | FUL |

This is the area of my life where I focus on my movement, fuel, meditation, journaling, solfulness, and overall mindfulness. I like to do things like pull a meditation card, meditate, focus on my breath, and journal. However, it is extremely tough for me to give myself permission to take a moment to do these things, even when I somehow make time to watch an episode of New Girl. BUT. It is time for change. 

My intention is to slowly, like v slowly integrate these mindful practices into day to day life. Right now I am working with moving everyday, meditating, and foam rolling. For the weekends I plan to do the same things, and add journaling, reading, and maybe a meditation card pulling or something of the like. My intention is to have time to do all of these practices daily. 

So to summarize :::

+ Daily movement, mediation, and foam rolling 

+ Weekly journaling, reading, and meditation practices i.e. card pullings 

+ Overall intention - make these daily practices

Well, there you have my v throughly explained overarching intentions for this year. 

And I will continue with my monthly intentions to break down these themes a little more.

Here’s to a beautiful and growth achieving new year!

Hullo 2019!