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Ah - Hey. 

The first intentions of the new year. 

January 2019.

Let’s round it up, shall we?

In fitting with my overall 2019 intentions, I will just review what January looked liked to me.


Well, I was on my second internal medicine rotation during this month, and um, I basically worked 12-hour days, 6 days a week. It was honestly not rough. But what was rough was then coming home and attempting to chill/study/and workout. I just didn’t feel like doing all of that around 7PM at night, nightly. But I did. I pushed through. I showed up for my rotation, passed, and am already on to the next one. 

This was also the month I started looking for a JOB. Like WHOA. I just wanted to see what was out there, and just gauge how much time I need to spend working on applications. I did manage to update my resume, so I am making one step in the right direction. 


Life included doing all of my weekend chores on one day a week, instead of how I normally spread it out over three days since I was on service six days of the week. Surprisingly, I was able to maximize my time off on that one day, and fit in chores, working out, studying, and chilling (which is v important to me). I also started the TIU Love Your Body Series, and purchased their workout app - which honestly, has motivated me to workout even on days when it was dark at 3PM, freezing, and I didn’t get home until 7PM. I also worked on organizing all of my lists on my iPhone, and am making steps towards checking off each task one by one. 


Well, if ya didn’t notice, I just overall started posting more in this space, and on my insta. For me, it is a form of chilling, and having some fun! I am working on some more content for this space, and just overall hope you enjoy the content I am sharing!

SOL | FUL | 

I didn’t really work on this aspect so much for this month, just cause I was already making an effort to workout everyday along with rotations - which was enough work to put into a day if you ask me! I will be slowly working on this aspect of my life over the whole year, and I guess January was my month to make time for working out, which I am always glad I did. 


If any of you saw on insta - there was this common knowledge that January basically lasted forever. I feel like it did, especially with the week of snow + ice. But looking back now, I feel like I just sailed through it since, again, I was working a lot on my rotation, which I’m not mad about. I enjoyed it, and learned a lot. But it also kept me occupied, even when I had major wanderlust, and kept looking at flights to leave the city for the weekend. Ha! But I am very glad that January is over, because it is just one more month closer to graduation. :)