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Alright - last day of the month and here are the intentions that I worked on - or at least thought about during the last 28 days - and thank goodness this month is over! I am v looking forward to some future-ish things that are in the works to happen so one month done - check!


This month was all about the B R A I N… cause I was obviously on my neurology rotation. Not every PA program has neurology as its own individual, mandatory rotation - but mine does. I am so happy it did because it is basically one of my favorite rotations… ever. And I have already done like ten rotations? Anyways - my intentions in this arena are the same as almost every month - pass the rotation, pass the exam, and prep for the next rotation. Check, check, and check (is what I will be saying to myself tomorrow after all of this is done, lol). 

Other than that, I have just been preparing for an upcoming rotation, and just mentally getting myself organized because I plan to accomplish more next month!


For anyone following along - the TIU Love Your Body Series 2019 is still going strong. And I am too, with it. Life wise I just wanted to have a good, healthy routine with working out, sleep hygiene, eating relatively healthy, drinking enough water, less snacking, etc. Safe to say now I am officially 85 years old because I have finally become one with the 9PM bed time appointment, and waking up bright-eyed and well-rested between 4:30 and 5AM. WHO AM I? I Oh, wait, a grandma, that’s who. I have no issues with waking up that early, however, a single digit bedtime is unheard of for me, except as of recently. And honestly - I am LOVING it. Except this past week, where I have been studying a little bit more for my EORE tomorrow, and have been staying up past 9. (insert wide-eyed emoji  here) I am ready to return to my elderly ways ASAP. I have also been drinking more water throughout the day, as oppose to coming home from rotation v dehydrated, eat a ton of sugary snacks, only to realize I’m just thirsty. So, sleeping well - check, and drinking water throughout the day - check. I have been sticking with the TIU workouts, along with my weekly yoga and spin classes, and I am feeling good! If there is a long work day when I didn’t work out in the morning, and I don’t feel like it at night - then I just don’t and double up the next time I workout. It isn’t ideal - but it is working for me rn. So - working out - check! So what is next - eating… I have been doing well in this department and am being less strict on my snacking. If I am hungry - eat something relatively good + in a smaller amount and if I am not hungry, or just need a little somethin’ somethin’ - I have found that my hot cacao tonic is perfect for that lull when I get home between kicking my shoes off and roasting veggies for dinner. So overall life wise - things are going well in this department. I have been checking off small things here and there on my tackle-this list - but March is really where I am going to get some work done!


Well, I don’t know who is counting (hint: it is me, I am the one counting), but I have posted a total of SIX blog posts this month, and this month alone! (Not including the few that are coming out TODAY, including this post). Like that is a wicked achievement for me (hey - I am picking up some Boston lingo… lol). And I am v proud of myself for making that happen. IDK about you, dear readers, but I am having some fun with it. Actually - a lot of fun. And this is me when I barely have time to post stuff. I just can’t wait until I have graduated and I will *hopefully* be able to make more time for other blog post ideas, and not just the ones I am working with rn. Anyways - blog posts - check! 

SOL | FUL | 

This area I feel could aways use more work than the other categories - or at least, it is the area I spend the least of my time in. But I am working on my weekend scheduling - cause that is where I get most of my week’s work done - with no rotation distractions, etc. But I have been meditating when I create a moment, and reading + journaling too. So I am good with that one for now. Again - March is coming and I am hoping to change it up!

Alright - a round-up of my month so far (seeing as it is the last day of the month - my month’s summary). A constant theme is the upcoming enigmatic MARCH. I am just honestly hoping I have some more time on my hands with that rotation - and will be able to tackle a couple more of my personal goals :) 

Hope February was a good one to you!