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I meant to post this um - like two weeks ago - but just didn’t get around to it. 

The theme was cute stuff for V-Day. 

But now that we are v past V-Day - this can just be a list of cute things to get for yourself or a friend or your mum. 

Cause we all need a little pick-me-up in this v v v cold winter. 

Happy browsing! 

| EMU Australia Mayberry Slippers | 

IDK about you - but I am currently sitting in my office wearing sweats, sweatshirt, fuzzy robe, and socks. What I would do right now for a pair of these adorable slippers. But I just can’t choose a color - so I picked the raspberry color. If there was a grey color - um, that would be my first choice!

| Face Earrings | 

I am really vibe-ing with Henri Matisse lately, and these face earrings just match the vibe. 

| Mini Instax Film | 

My current film in my instax is themed Alice in Wonderland. I ain’t mad about it - but I was suppose to use the whole roll while I was at Disneyland… last year. With that being my last roll, I definitely need to stock up on some more just plain film. Cue this buy. 

| Goop German Glass Water Kettle | 

I had one of those electric kettles - you know, the one you plug into the wall, click a switch, and it turns off on its own when the water is boiling? Well, key word is I HAD one of those - now I don’t because I apparently used it so much the top just broke off? Well, this chic and affordable kettle is the next one I have my eye on. It is minimal yet gets the job done - ya know, to boil my filtered water for my morning decaf green tea? 

| Alfred Loose Leaf Teas | 

When I went to LA last year - I def made a stop at this v chic tea house. They sold loose leaf teas there, and I of course bought one bag cause I am trying to use solely loose leaf teas. Anyways, seems the low-caffeine tea is just too much caffeine for me. But after browsing the interweb - I found that they do indeed have no caffeine teas, they just didn’t carry them in store at the time. Don’t worry - for all you caffeine lovers out there - they do have high caffeine teas, and even coffee. 

| Sun Potion Solar Rose Water | 

Again, I might have mentioned this is a previous round-up, but I am just waiting for my current rose water spray to be used up so I can transition to this one. I am just mega impressed with Sun Potion, and am just slowly adding to my growing collection. 

| Sun Potion Shea Butter |

See - my Sun Potion collection IS growing. I absolutely love this product and think everyone should invest in it if they want hydrated + smooth feet. And hands. And hydrated cuticles.

| RMS Beauty Signature Set | 

I am a minimalist when it comes to make-up, and I am cool with that. I started using RMS check-2-lip product, and I love it! This little set includes one, along with bronzer, luminizer, and skin and lip balm. Would love to add this to my minimalistic make-up bag. 

| Herbivore Botanicals CALM Dead Sea Bath Salts | 

I am making it more of an effort to take a least one bath a week - and no, this does not include showering, duh. I find baths v relaxing and a key way to ease into sleep with zero effort. Well, the only effort being to draw up a bath, and then move yourself from said bath to bed. 

| Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Coconut Milk Bath Soak | 

Is there a theme here? Another bath soak to add to the mix. Sometimes I am lucky, and I take TWO baths in a week. And when I do, I wanna mix it up a bit! Cue this hydrating and softening soak. 

| Manduka Yoga Mat Spray |

Surprisingly, I do not v regularly clean my yoga mat. Gross, I’m aware. But I don’t really care - until I was gifted this beauty and whoa. I have never met a yoga mat spray that I liked. Until this one. I obviously prefer the lavender scent, but any scent will do. What this spray does do is actually clean your mat. I have a lululemon mat that I have had for over six years and it’s finally clean now. I deep clean my mats after hot yoga on the weekends, and this spray makes it just that much easier.

| Sun Potion Copper Eclipse Spoon and Bronze Sun Drop Spoon | 

Let’s add some art to the kitchen space, shall we? Another Sun Potion find. V cute for when you are busy in the kitchen making your soulful filling tonics. 

| EF Nude No. 2 Single Earring | 

And no, I am not talking about the color nude. East Fork sells some other wicked awesome things on their site besides handmade pottery. Like this earring. I will take one please. 

| Cashmere Cactus Brass Stacking Rings | 

These rings are gold, but not literally. I stumbled upon Cashmere Cactus on insta, and fell in love with these stackers. I’d imagine these are perfect for your middle finger, when you don’t wanna wear any other jewelry - at least that is what I tend to do. 

| Lunya Washable Silk Scrunchie | 

I love to put my hair up - but I do not love that kink that remains after several hours. Also, I find that the longer my hair gets, the more cumbersome it is when I am sleeping. To solve both problems - bring this little one in. A silk scrunchie that won’t ruin your ‘do, yet, it will keep it out of your face. 

| Bodha Modern Wellness Cashmere Aromatherapy Eye Pillow | 

While on the topic of sleep - eye pillows. I have gone through three so far since living in the city - and this one seems like the perfect next one up. I would especially use this during mediation sessions to wipe out the light to chill into the z o n e. 

| Moon Juice Beauty Dust | 

I am still currently on my first jar of this stuff. It sits super pretty on my pantry shelf, and always constantly reminds me to put my health and skin first, as oppose to some snacking lol. I usually enjoy this in a smoothie or my hot cacao tonic. 

| Vanilla Bean Paste | 

I first heard of this product about five years ago when I treated John to I think one of his favorite gifts I have given him - a cooking class. I was nervous at first, cause I wasn’t sure if he would think its a cool gift, but boy was I wrong. He really enjoyed it, and it sparked a cooking gene in him or something cause now we try to cook together as much as we can. We even have a cooking class scheduled for an upcoming date! Anyways, I saw this in the shop after our class, and almost bought it, but then another cooking classmate snagged it from the shelf (it was the last one) and bought it. I was bummed. Now, I am seeing this all over the place, and I am just craving some good ol vanilla bean paste to add to my hot cacao tonics and smoothies. One day. One day.

Well, that’s a v extensive list, but hopefully this will give you a couple of gift ideas for future gifting or self-treating.