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Hullo first day of spring!

My - have I been waiting for you!

But for real though - the fact that is dark around 7PM is truly a blessing, and the fresh, crisp air is rejuvenating. And let’s add to the fact that it is a full moon tonight —— oooooh - all the feels. Feels of freshness, renewal, and a reason to walk away from this too too cold winter. 

Ciao winter. Ciao. 

And with that, I am down to single digit days until my next rotation, and my next adventure!

And with that next adventure that I am still keeping a secret - I wanted to share some items that I found myself obtaining for said secret adventure. 

| Lo + Sons Organic Canvas Catalina Deluxe Canvas Weekender Large | 

For said adventure, I am planning on using only a carry-on, which when I tell you what I am doing, you will most likely be like ‘What?’ and ‘How?’. This is a personal challenge I have presented to myself, and I am working on it. With that - I definitely needed a ‘personal’ bag where I could stuff my toiletries, MacBook, hydroflask, kindle, and food that I could easily access and also carry around with me with said carry-on suitcase. Cue this beauty. I purchased it in the large organic canvas version. What is just so lovely about this bag is that it has two compartments, one for blankets/shoes/scarves, and the other for everything else. Also, it has a strap that fits over the handles of a carry-on suitcase, so you can tote it around without it falling off! This often happens to me with my other travel bags. And lastly, it has a zipper, so I can actually close it up so no one has to peep into the contents of my bag! Definitely looking forward to using this beauty. 

| Calpak Nude Packing Cubes | 

I have had my eyes on these packing cubes, and seeing how perfectly they fit inside a carry-on suitcase just makes my organizational heart strings sing! I went with the nude color because I think it would go great with my current travel sets that include black, cream, and a light blush pink. Keeping the color game going strong. Also, I am hoping that these packing cubes will make my suitcase not only more organized, but less looking like it is going to explode with clothes, etc. 

| Lapcos Variety Mask Set | 

Yas - I plan on being that lady on the plane in a sheet mask. I am most definitely aware that for the time period I am on the flight, I will have dry skin. So cue in these beauties. I currently have the purple collagen one right on my nightstand which I will put on after I finish up this post!

| Sun Potion Shea Butter Travel Ally | 

You have seen it before, and will most definitely see it again - the infamous Sun Potion shea butter - but travel sized! Since I am carrying a carry-on, every one of my toiletries needs to be in the appropriate size. (Insert eye roll here) That is basically the most challenging thing for me when it comes to minimize everything to a simple carry-on. But thankfully, Sun Potion has a ‘travel ally’ section that includes said shea butter! On my adventure - I plan to use the shea butter has hair conditioner, eye cream, chapstick, lotion, foot cream, and cuticle oil! Lots of uses in one item, which is why I adore the product so much! Also, once I use all the shea butter in the travel glass jar, I will reuse said jar for more she butter (from the larger sized jar) to keep it on the go in my purse/bag/clutch when I am on the go. 

| Indie Lee Co-Q10 Toner Travel Size | 

Keeping with the travel size theme here - I definitely had to stock up on my favorite face toner for said adventure. This travel size comes in handy - and I most definitely got double! Not only is this a great face toner to use daily, but also a great face spray when things tend to get a little dry + I need a good pick-me-up. 

| Honest Hazel Eye Gels | 

Another in-flight essential are these beauties. I really love how they are made out of cactus collagen, and provide a cooling relief under the eyes when applied. Plus - the packaging is just too adorable. I keep these on until they literally shrivel up and I have therefore used them well. 

| Skin Owl Geranium Oil | 

Adding another skin care item to this line-up. While I did purchase a new bottle for the trip - it was mostly because I am currently out of my bottle at home. Since this comes in a one ounce bottle - I thought, this would again be perfect for the carry-on liquid restrictions. 

| Lululemon Uplifting Scrunchie Bow | 

I picked out this on a whim, seeing as I have had my last scrunchie for the last nine-ish years? I definitely needed an upgrade. Not only do I love the color of this - I also love how I can wear it during workouts and it is okay if it gets a little sweaty cause it won’t get too gross. 

| London : The Novel | 

No - I am not going to Europe, if that is what you thought. But I did recently purchase this soft-covered book in a sale bin at a favorite local book store. This book is by Edward Rutherford. I have previously read Paris, and New York, both of which I loved! This is a long read - so I think it should last me the whole adventure, so I won’t need to bring another book. I haven’t totally decided if I am going to carry along my kindle instead - but this is the choice if I decide not to. 

| Rx Vanilla Almond Butter Packets | 

Now, what would an adventure be if I didn’t pack some sort of snack. I haven’t tried these individual nut butter packs yet - however, I thought for travel, especially when I am just literally starving at a random time - I can just eat these, either by themselves or with some apples or rice crackers. I love me some almond butter, but don’t feel like dragging around an entire jar. 


Well, that is my little cute round-up. It was good to see what I have, because it’s a way to double check my list to see if I need anything else! I do need to pick up a couple of more smaller items, however, for the most part - I am done! Which is a good thing too, since not only do I need to study this weekend - I also need to complete the majority of my packing so I don’t have to do laundry again next week!