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Alrightie — 

You know those recipes that you either make / come up with and they end up being within your meal plan for, um idk, months, until you either go on vacation and can eat something different or force yourself to favor another dish? Idk - is this just me? Well - ok. 

But rn - ever since I returned from Africa - I have been eating salads daily. Basically non-stop. My new fav fav fav food ever rn is ENDIVE. Yup - that’s right. V random - but actually so delicious. You can eat it raw or sautéd or grilled or roasted / in a salad or on it’s own or as a *healthy* vehicle to drive that homemade guac into ya mouth - you get it. It is versatile. But mainly, I just love to add it to my salads to spice up the romaine mixture a bit. I’m at the point where I am purchasing three bags of endive a week - and I usually run out!

And I run out because of this delicious + fresh dish. 

This dish basically works for any time of day (in my opinion) + is super fresh + v filling. It is also v easy to put together (esp if you meal prep) and so yummy to nomnom on. 

After posting this recipe - I am most definitely going to make this salad while I watch Hart of Dixie (for the fourth time in a row). I know, I know. I have a thesis to write! I will get to it… soon. 

In the meantime - make this dish!



Serves I


+ Handful of cleaned + chopped romaine lettuce 

+ 1 endive cleaned + chopped 

+ 1 scoop of sautéed ground chicken w/ chili powder + canned green chilies 

+ 1 cuke deseeded + chopped 

+ 1/2 lemon - squeezed 

+ 1T. red wine vinegar

+ Sprinkle of olive oil

+ Pink salt 

+ Rainbow pepper 


If you are a meal-prepping queen - here is what you should make — 

+ Clean + chop entire bag of romaine lettuce

+ Sauté ground chicken w/ some chili powder + canned green chilies

Night of nomnom-ing — 

+ Reheat ground chicken in a skillet 

+ Add romaine lettuce + endive + dressing ingredients into a large bowl 

+ Add ground chicken 

+ Use tongs to mix mix mix

+ Add to gorgeous dinner bowl - and nom! 

In this specific photo - I added fresh dill since I saw it at the store - and instantly thought of my Baba (she always gave my mum a gallon size bag of dill that she grew in her garden). And it was a yummy addition to freshen up the salad. So feel free to add any other herbs / food to this salad to nom it up! I just prefer to keep it v simple + v fresh. 


Nom up!