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Happy March! 

If you live anywhere cold - are you over it yet? Cause I am most definitely am. And I think my intention to wear not winter clothing in the hopes that the universe, and let’s be honest, the weather, takes a hint and idk - convert to spring early and sooner rather than later so I can frolic around without my winter coat, is not quite working… Nevertheless, I will continue in my pursuits to effect the weather so that it can be spring! And most importantly - just be warmer!

At least, it gets darker later rather than earlier - that is a push in the right direction. 

Moving on to this month’s intentions. 

If you didn’t notice in last month’s intentions, I kept it pretty chill since this month will have more actionable intentions in preparation for the next month, and let’s get real - the rest of the year. Also, with just slightly more light, and sunlight in general - I tend to have more energy and am excited to do things, instead of just cozy up on my couch with all of my warming foods, and watch movies on movies on movies. 

So with that - MARCH INTENTIONS coming at ya ::: 


March = emergency medicine rotation. If anything - this is the rotation I most dreaded because medical emergencies can be intense. However, with my rotation so far - I am loving it. The staff is superb, and I really feel like I am a provider on shift. It’s very empowering. 


April’s rotation is a unique one, and one I must most definitely prep for! I am basically keeping this one a little secret and will reveal what my rotation is soon! But basically - there is a lot that needs to be accomplished for April during this month of March, and I am basically 3/4 done with said tackle-this list (my version of everyone’s to-do list). 

03 | HEALTH 

Isn’t this just on every intention list? I am just constantly working on getting enough sleep, eating whole healthy food, working out daily, taking care of my skin, hydrating enough, reading for fun (with the most current SFG’s book for book club - which I am v into rn), meditating, and journaling. I spend a lot of time on this stuff since a varying rotation schedule can just throw my body out of it’s own harmony. It is also the one thing I can work on to feel my best, which almost any PA student will tell you is v important when you are on rotation. 

04 | SFG BLOG 

I feel like I haven’t blogged as much this month. But the month is not over - and I have some fun blog posts coming this way!

05 | THESIS 

This is a v dreaded task for me, just because I have a lot on my mind. However, the sooner I complete this task, the sooner I can move on with other tasks. Basically a note to self - work on your thesis! 

06 | TECH 

Short for all of my electronics. I just want to work on organizing them, and backing them up. My laptop likes to remind me I haven’t backed it up in 234 days, and my iPhone likes to remind me that it isn’t backed up to anything, so would I like to pay 99 cents a month for an upgraded iCloud plan? Things I just need to organize because then maybe my life will feel more clutter free and idk - backed up for safekeeping. 

Well, that’s literally it. Doesn’t seem like much, or really stray from other months - but I would like to take more action this month, even though Mercury is in retrograde for the majority of it. But that just may be the thing I need - a month to re-look at a lot of the things I have been working on - and it just might offer that tiny extra push that I may just need! 

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