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Hey there hey! 

I hope your summa has been fantastic and that you are throughly enjoying and embracing the beginnings of fall, wherever you may live! If you live in the AZ area - then you must remember the crazy monsoon storm we had! And if you are not caught up to date on my current happenings  - I WILL be posting a ‘LATELY’ post to update the blog! 

So let’s get right to my intentions I have been integrating this month since we have only one week left. 



I am going to do more updating in my upcoming posts, however, I am currently in a wicked transition phase, like in the thick of it. While the actual transition has occurred, I am living through the aftermath of the transitional event, and it’s an opportunity to practice a lot of patience - of which I honestly really don’t wanna do. But it is becoming a great learning experience, and a great way to re-evaluate my daily rituals and routines and habits. So with this rather uncomfortable period of time - I want to work on cultivating grace within my actions and also with my mindset. I feel like I have been carrying the intention of grace for awhile now, and I am glad to be given another learning opportunity to revisit the areas of my life that I can improve upon. 


Obviously with transition comes a form of uprooting. And with my uprooting, I find myself in a newish environment, and a place where I must unpack my clothing and redecorate! While I usually jump right into this sort of thing, I am now living with others and must be considerate that the space is theirs as well. However, I still need to cultivate my own areas in which I can express my own sense of design and structure. I am most definitely still working on this, and still have a box to pick up from FedEx!


Something I have been noticing in the wellness arena a ton, and I mean a ton, are different rituals and practices to include in everyday life in order to cultivate this sort of wholeness / rest / rejuvenation - ultimately to reach this level of health. And with that - it can become a bit overwhelming. At this moment, I am working on deciding which rituals actually bring joy and add benefit into my daily routine. This does take some time to see how certain rituals fit in my day-to-day activity, and ultimately, this process is to give myself permission to almost ignore the other ‘healthy’ suggestions. This is part of my overall process of minimizing the extra noise in my life so I can work on being focused and present with my now. 


Yes - I am still in a major study mode. No, I do not want to still be in it, but I am. Realistically, I have taken a much slower approach to my study plan, which I am learning to practice grace and forgiveness towards myself. I have learned that I truly needed that sort of reset, and to actually incorporate time for resting, like truly resting, within my daily practice - can we say daily mid-morning naps?

These are the major intentions I have been and still am focusing on during this month of transition. A period of seeing the end of summa and the beginning of autumn. I am very blessed for this time to reset and recultivate the essence of myself to work towards the future I have literally dreamed about.